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Exhibition by Ginny Ruffner

Ginny Ruffners’s use of technology in her sculptural work has pushed artists, audiences, and scientists to rethink the relationship between the fields of computer science, genetics, and art. Her use of augmented reality technology has not only resulted in dynamic virtual, animated sculpture – it has raised awareness about how technology can be used to create accessible tools for artists with disabilities and how artists can and must be engaged within the sciences to broaden the scope of dialog about the impacts of scientific advancements.

In addition to her studio practice and engagement with the sciences, Ginny has been a leading advocate for women artists. The foundation she founded in 2017, SOLA, supports and recognizes accomplished women artists over 60 whose work needs to be sufficiently and widely recognized. The women artists supported by SOLA came of age during a time when women artists were often overlooked and underrepresented despite their excellence and dedication to their careers. It has filled a much-needed role in the arts community and is a model for other such organizations nationally.

In her over 40-year career, Ginny has been a persistent visionary and a steadfast creative leader. She is an exceptional artist whose inspiring history and innovative work have shaped our community in innumerable ways. Ginny lives and works in Seattle, Washington.


Oct 12 - 15 2023


10:00 am - 6:00 pm

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